Lisbon through Fado with Ana Moura

_7504441Ana Moura at Bar Park in the heart of Bairro Alto, Lisbon. Nikon D750 Sonnar 135mm
564543Ana Moura at Amelia Rodrigues Museum, Lisbon, Nikon D750 Sonnar 135mm


I first learned about Ana Moura on my trip to Lisbon last year. I was really impressed by her voice, and so are Rolling Stones and Prince… Not an easy feat. I left Lisbon with so much more to see and I thought it be great if she could show me her Lisbon.

Nothing describes a city more than the folkloric songs that accompany it, Lisbon is no exception. To follow the impressions of Fado or to walk the streets of Lisbon and feel the prominence of Fado along with every step is uninvitable. As I walk out the door on Rua de Sao Pedro in the lower part of the Alfama district, I feel full of life and refreshed as the smell of the salty ocean hits me, the noise on the streets, waiters taking orders, cars rushing by, it was all defened inside as the “cantor” was singing to me at Casa de Fados on Esquina de Alfama.


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