DSLR vs WeightLess


The replacement.
_DSF2763The heavy version.

I have never done this before… But as I pack for Berlin and Jakarta followed by a month in France and a long weekend in New York shooting Action, Interiors, Portraits and Street photography without the possibility of repacking I thought it be in order to share some brief experiences. I work as an events photographer since many years. It is not a review but just some thoughts from a guy that is basically 150-200 days of the year traveling for clients like Volvo, Turkish Airlines, Callaway and Yachts XL among others.

A few years back I sold all my Canon and Hasselblad gear with the introduction of the Nikon D800. A camera with an amazing image quality and the ease of use of any DSLR. Rivalling my at the time HD39 from Hasselblad. Just by the pure ease of bringing along and the amount of lenses to choose from.

When Fuji brought out the X100 – I was all over it, I had always wanted to have a nice camera for family outings, especially as my daughter at the time was about 2 years old, and I was sick of bringing the Canon Mark IV or DS3 with me. Along came the XE 1 and the Xpro 1. My parents back home were happy again as it was a BIG change from the iPhone photos they would normally receive.

It became my secret to great family pics… Wind the clock forward to 2014 – traveling all over the world, Karachi, Hong kong, Singapore, Europe, Africa and the States even the D800 and the 200-400 et al becomes heavy… With cables, chargers, batteries flashes and the Macbook sometimes I have more than 30kg just in my “Carry on”.  The heavier the gear, the harder it fall, I have never broken any gear directly on the job, but many times going to and from a job, the stress, the packing etc in the end it happens. With this kit it minimalizes those kind of accidents just by pure size and ease of carrying.

Above you can see the typical travel kit excluding the Monopod, Tripod, Computer, Flashes, batteries etc In the last few trips I have had my Nikon D3 (Behind the D800)  and the Fuji X Pro 1, however I now feel confident that the Fuji will be able to handle its own. I would not recommend it to anybody not familiar with the gear as the Fuji still have a lot of quirks and takes time to get used to.

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